Music Library Guidance

This music library contains music purchased by Dunstable Music Centre and is for internal use only. Dunstable Music Centre do not loan out music.

The library is designed for books and so to adapt it for music use, the following uses of the fields have been adopted.

Barcode – DMC internal use barcode which combines the category number with a sequential number for each piece of music.
Title – The name of the piece or book.
Author – The composer or arranger.
Subject – The type of group or instrument the piece is suitable for.
Description – This free text field will be used for notes about the piece including any missing parts and the grade/level it is suitable for.
Category – DMC categorisation number for filing purposes.
Media – Score with parts, Parts, Book etc
Publisher information – This may be included, but not for all items
Type – This will always be Single Term Loan indicating the music would be checked out for one school term before it was due back.
Keyword – These can be added to specific items to aid identification. A suggestion would be to use Christmas as a keyword on appropriate pieces.

Some users have accounts which will allow additional functions such as managing music and checking it out.
All users can search the music library without having to log in.

Searching the Library

The library can be searched on the following fields: Title, Author (Composer/Arranger), Subject (type of group or instrument), Keyword or ISBN (in most cases not applicable).
Select the type of search from the pull down list.

Then enter the search term and press the Search button. For example to search for music suitable for string groups you would search the Subject field for string.

This will return any matching results.

Clicking on the title of the music you are interested in, will display the information about this piece.

The Status of this piece indicates that it is available on the shelves or in the filing cabinet.
Other pieces may have a return due date which indicates that the part is checked out to another member of staff.

Finding the music in the filing system

When viewing the information about a piece of music, the barcode of the piece can be seen. This shows where the piece will be filed.

In the above Grieg example the barcode is DMC104.002. In the filing, find section 100 (string), then section 104 within it; piece 002 will be near the beginning of this section.

Managing the Library

All following actions require use of a library account and password. Logon details will be provided seperately to users issued with an account. In all cases, it will be assumed that the account has been set with the relevant permission to complete the functions assigned.

Adding music to the library

While logged in with your library account, select Add New in the Collection section.

This opens a form to complete the item details.

The following fields must be completed.

Barcode. This is in the format DMC123.456, where 123 is replaced with the correct category code and 456 is the next sequential item number. The current category numbers are listed in the following document, music categories. For example a string quartet piece would be category 104.

Title. This should be the piece or book name.

Author. This should be the composer or arranger. Surname is the minimal requirement.

Subject. This is the type of group or instrument that the piece is suitable for. If is a piece for just one instrument then the instrument should be used.

Category. This is the category code identified for the barcode.

Media. This is the format of the piece. Currently only Score and parts, Parts and Book are in use.

Type. This must be set to Single Term Loan.

Optionally, the description field can be updated with details of the parts or the grade/level of the piece or any other notes seen as necessary by staff. Keywords can be added if appropriate for Christmas pieces.

Once all the details are completed, select Add New Item and the piece will be added to the library. A barcode label should now be produced for the piece and attached close to the spine on the bottom of the front cover.

The piece should now be filed.

Music can also be added in bulk. Seperate instructions will be provided to anyone adding music in this way.

Adding staff as library users

Staff will have minimal information added to the system so that music can be checked out to them.
To add a new member of staff, select Add New in the Patrons section.

The following fields must be completed.

Telephone. Enter 12345

Last Name. Enter the surname of the staff member.

First Name. Enter the first name of the staff member.

Address 1. Enter 12345

City. Enter DMC

State. Enter Be

Zip. Enter 12345

Once all the details are completed, select Add Patron and the person will be added to the library system.

Checking music out of the library

To check out a piece of music, select the Circulation Desk section.

To check out an item, either select it from the list by clicking on select under the item title, or enter the barcode into the Scanned Barcode field. Then press the Lookup Barcode button. This will display the item to be checked out.
Using the pull down list select the staff member to check the music out to.

Press the Lookup Patron button. The Lookup Barcode button will now change to Checkout Item.

Press the Checkout Item Button. You will get confirmation that the item was checked out and when it is due back.

Checking music back in to the library

To check in a piece of music, select the Circulation Desk section.

Select the List Checked Out Items button to see the items out.
To check in an item, either select it from the list by clicking on select under the item title, or enter the barcode into the Scanned Barcode field.
Press the Check in button, then the Check in Item button.
The item’s status will change to Check Shelves.