Friends of Dunstable Music Centre Constitution

1 Name

The name of this association is “Friends of Dunstable Music Centre” hereafter referred to as “The Friends”.

2 Objectives

The objectives of The Friends are:
To support the work of the staff and students of Dunstable Music Centre and other community music activities in the Dunstable area, and to this end undertake the following:

• Fund raising activities
• Assist staff
• Provide suggestions and advice
• Any other assistance as seems appropriate

3 Membership

Membership shall be open to all staff, adult students, adult volunteers, and parents of students of Dunstable Music Centre or other community music groups with which the Friends are affiliated.

4 Officers

The officers of The Friends shall consist of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and such other officers as The Friends deems necessary. They shall hold office for one year, unless special circumstances apply(see below), and shall be elected by separate vote from among the members of The Friends at the Annual General Meeting of The Friends. Dunstable Music Centre staff may not be officers. All officers may stand for re-election each year.

5 Records

Records of all meetings shall be kept by the secretary and made available for inspection by any interested party. The treasurer shall maintain full financial records for The Friends.

6 Government

Meetings of The Friends shall consist of a minimum of two of the Officers plus a minimum of three other members. Or, in an emergency, decisions can be made by the three officers together.

7 Vacation of Office

Any officer shall vacate his/her office upon resignation or upon dismissal from his/her office by resolution of a general meeting of The Friends.

8 Casual Vacancies

Of officers of the committee, shall be filled by election from among the members of The Friends excluding staff of Dunstable Music Centre

9 Annual General Meeting

This will be the first meeting held in any academic year.

10 General Meetings

These shall be called at the discretion of the officers. At least three meetings shall be held per year.

11 Finance

The treasurer shall keep accounts of all funds raised and dispersed and report to the committee account balances at least once every term (3 times per year).

The accounts will be scrutinized annually.

All cheques drawn on The Friends bank accounts shall carry two signatures. These shall be of at least two of the officers of The Friends or one officer plus the centre administrator.

On vacating office the treasurer of The Friends shall hand over the books of account to the duly elected successor and report the handing over to the Chair. In the event of The Friends not electing any officers for the following session the treasurer shall hand over the books to the person agreed by the outgoing officers of the Friends.

12 Amendment of the Constitution

This constitution may be amended or altered only by a resolution supported by two-thirds of the voting members present and voting at a general meeting.

13 Special Circumstances

Should the Dunstable Music Centre close then the Friends can continue as a body and hold in trust their assets in order to form new affiliations to support community music activities to be agreed at an Extraordinary General Meeting. The officers shall remain in post for more than a year if it has not been possible to convene an AGM.

14 Dissolution of The Friends

Should The Friends be unable to continue as a society, all records, funds, and assets should be passed to Dunstable Music Centre or to Friends of Bedfordshire Music if this is not possible.

This constitution shall be made available to all members of The Friends on request.

Constitution agreed 1st october 2011